Announcing StarshipDAO Short Term Objectives, Long Term Visions & Current Updates

Welcome back to Starship DAO! We are happy to announce the new updates as well as the Short Term Objectives and Long Term Visions in this article. We are also excited to give you a lot of new updates which we’ve not announced before!

Here’s the highlight of the core developments so far:

  1. Implemented and Alpha-Tested the Token Contracts on Testnets.
  2. Implemented and Alpha-Tested the Whitelisted Presale Contracts on Testnets.
  3. Implemented and Alpha-Tested the Multisig Wallet on Testnets.

Developments remaining before Presale Launch:

  1. Frontend Development of the Website (forked from Wonderland), and development of Web3 Connections and Contract Interactions with the 4 Initial Chains (Avalanche, Polygon, Fantom, BSC).
  2. Community testing of the Presale on Testnets.
  3. Security reviews for multi-chain connections.
  4. Migration of Contracts and Web3 Interactions from Testnets to Mainnets

Updated Whitelist Spot Details:

  • All members must have (🚀,🚀) into their Discord server profile name to be eligible for a Cosmonaut spot.
  • 150 Cosmonauts for our OG members: the first 150 entrants into the Starship DAO Discord.
  • 250 Cosmonauts for members who boost the Discord and stay active. Note: these spots will be distributed using various all boosters.
  • 75 Cosmonauts for members with the most real invites in our Discord. The Cosmonaut Role will be distributed 1–2 days before Presale Launch.
  • 75 Cosmonauts for contributors, who help us build a solid community. They could be mods for our regional language communities, advisors, members who translate articles, members who make memes, devs who contribute to our code, graphic artists, etc.
  • 100 Cosmonauts for the most active & helpful Discord members. The Cosmonaut Role will be distributed as surprise giveaways for these members.
  • 125 Cosmonauts for various Discord activities & giveaways.
  • 100 Cosmonauts for various Twitter activities & giveaways.
  • 125 Cosmonauts for various Promotional Partnerships.

There are a total of phases of Presale: Whitelisted Presale & Public Presale.

Supported Tokens to use for purchasing $aSTARSHIP in the Presale:

Avalanche: MIM; Polygon: USDC; Fantom: DAI; BSC: BUSD

Updated Whitelisted Presale Launch Details:

  • The Whitelisted Presale has a total of 1000 Spots and each person’s allocation is $1500 (150 $aSTARSHIP tokens / $10 per $aSTARSHIP).
  • The Whitelisted Presale will last 48 hours and the users can use any of the 4 chains (Avalanche, Polygon, Fantom, BSC) to purchase $aSTARSHIP tokens.
  • Launch Date: Coming Soon!

Updated Public Presale Launch Details:

  • This phase will be live only if the Fundraising Goal of $1,500,000 is not reached in the Whitelisted Presale and will start as soon as the Whitelisted Presale ends.
  • In the Public Presale, the price of 1 $aSTARSHIP will be $16.
  • The total allocation for the Public Presale for each member is 75 $aSTARSHIP Tokens ($1200 per wallet).
  • The Public Presale will last for a maximum of 5 days and the users can use any of the 4 chains (Avalanche, Polygon, Fantom, BSC) to purchase $aSTARSHIP tokens.
  • The Public Presale will be closed as soon as the Fundraising Goal has been reached.

All the funds from the Presale will be deposited in a Multi-Sig Wallet.

The following are the details of the Multi-Sig Wallet:

  • Total Number of Signatures: 4
  • Number of Confirmations Required to Execute Transaction: 3
  • Allocation: 1 key to one of the Admins, 1 key to the Marketing/Finance Team, 1 key to an Influencer/Partner/Contributor, 1 key to a Community Member
  • How the community member will be chosen? We’ll be tracking users with the most useful idea contributions as well as activity on our Discord. Among the members who meet these criterias, we’ll choose one member who has basic knowledge in Solidity as well as believe and support our Long-Term Visions.

Apart from the Presale, we will fundraise a total amount of $900,000 for the Treasury from Partnerships with other projects, and external investors. For these Partnerships and External Investors, there will be a total allocation of 90,000 $aSTARSHIP Tokens, which will be either locked in the Partner Projects’ Treasury, or Locked-in for 4 Months, Staked and Vested over a duration of 12 Months.

The development, marketing, finance, and admin team will get a total allocation of 3% of Minting at Public Launch, which will be Locked-in for 3 months, Staked and Vested over a duration of 12 Months.

Out of the $1.5 Million Fundraise from the Presale, there will be an allocation of $150,000 for the development of further Short-Term Objectives such as Expanding to Ethereum, Solana, Harmony, and Arbitrum Chains, creating the Cross-chain Bridge (StarshipBridge), Cross-chain & Singe-Chain Swaps (StarshipSwap), Bridging Protocol & Auto-Liquidity-Rebalancing System, Multi-chain Staking and Bonding. The team will onboard 4 New Senior Blockchain Development Teams (8 Devs) after the presale to work along with the current devs to develop and achieve these features. With these devs, we expect to develop these features and protocols in 5–7 days.

The WL and Public Presale Buyers will be able to claim $STARSHIP tokens for their $aSTARSHIP holdings with a 1–1 Value.

Short-Term Objectives:


Staking can be done in any of the 8 Chains (Avalanche, Polygon, Fantom, BSC, Ethereum, Solana, Harmony, Arbitrum). Staking Rebases are distributed every 2 hours. If the user wants to switch their Tokens to a different network, they can use StarshipBridge to transfer $STARSHIP to any of the other supported networks.

The early Stakers will receive Huge APY Incentives to stake their tokens, as well as fee reward incentives on our the other features (such as StarshipBridge and StarshipBridge) and low-interest borrowing incentives from the Lending Protcol.

We will also mint $wSTARSHIP (Wrapped STARSHIP) and $wsSTARSHIP (Wrapped-Staked STARSHIP) so that users can benefit with Tax advantages, if applicable in their country.


Bonding will be available on all the 8 chains. 2 Bonding options will be available on each chain initially. More options will be added later as the project grows. These will be the Bonding Options at Public Launch:




Binance Smart Chain: BUSD, STARSHIP-BNB LP






This is a Cross-Chain Bridge with Interoperability in all the 8 Chains (Avalanche, Polygon, Fantom, BSC, Ethereum, Solana, Harmony, Arbitrum). This Bridge can be used to transfer a single token from one chain to another (if the token is available on both the chains), to the same or a different wallet address. The Early Stakers of StarshipDAO will get Vested Fee Rewards for using this Bridge.


This is a Cross-Chain and Single-Chain Token Swapping Functionality with Interoperability in all the 8 Chains (Avalanche, Polygon, Fantom, BSC, Ethereum, Solana, Harmony, Arbitrum). StarshipSwap can be used to swap one token to another on the Same Chain or to a Different Chain. The Early Stakers of StarshipDAO will get Vested Fee Rewards for using this Swap.

Lending Protocol:

Lending Protocol can be used by Staked Users to borrow a Stablecoin (based on the Chain used — MIM, BUSD, USDC, DAI, USDT) against their staked ($wsSTARSHIP) tokens. Leverage and Looping Options will also be implemented.

Early Stakers will get low-interest incentives to use the Lending Protocol to borrow a Stablecoin!

Bridging Protocol & Auto-Liquidity-Rebalancing System:

This is the core requirement for the success of our Cross-chain and Multi-chain Interoperability. Bridging Protocol connects all the STARSHIP Tokens on all the chains and Auto-Liquidity-Rebalancing System adds/removes liquidity from the different chains for the STARSHIP Tokens to maintain exactly the same price on every chain and prevent any arbitrage opportunities. This will be our major innovation and is key to the Long-Term Vision of StarshipDAO.

Long-Term Visions:

  • To Achieve Ultimate Interoperability between all major chains and expand to Terra Luna, Cronos, RSK, Cardano, etc.
  • To Achieve the First Community-Governed Multi-Chain DAO.
  • To Create Multi-Chain Leveraged (Stablecoin and other crypto)LP Farms integrated into the StarshipDAO Dapp and Integration with Delta One Protocol.
  • To Create Wrapped Tokens such as $starETH, $starAVAX, $starMATIC, etc for the chains and incentivize the fee rewards to Staked Users.

Thank you for reading the article, join our Discord for a chance to enter our WL Spots. Hope to see you on Mars & Beyond!





Stay Cosmic…




The First-Ever Multi-Chain DAO

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The First-Ever Multi-Chain DAO

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