Announcing Starship DAO Whitelisted & Public Presale, Public Launch Features, and Updated Tokenomics

4 min readDec 1, 2021


Welcome back to Starship DAO! We are happy to announce the new updated details about the Presale and the Whitelist. We’ve implemented a lot of changes from the old plan, and some launch features that you’ll be excited about!

Launch Phases

Phase 1 — Whitelisted Presale: This phase will provide the purchase access to the Whitelisted Members (Cosmonaut Role) in this Discord and this phase is launched on Avalanche, Fantom, Polygon, and BSC Networks, and the $aSTARSHIP tokens can be bought using $MIM on Avalanche, $DAI on Fantom, $USDC on Polygon, and $BUSD on BSC Network. $aSTARSHIP Token price at this phase will be $10 per token. Each whitelisted member can purchase a maximum of 150 $aSTARSHIP Tokens ($1500).

Phase 2 — Public Presale: This phase will exist only if the Whitelisted Presale didn’t achieve the target fundraising goal ($1,500,000). The tokens and chains at this phase will be the same as Phase 1. $aSTARSHIP Token price at this phase will be $16 per token.

Phase 3 — Public Launch: This is the major Public Launch of Staking, Bonding, StarshipBridge, StarshipSwap. This phase will include all the chains from the previous phases + Ethereum, Solana, and Harmony Networks. Staking will have a huge Initial APY to incentivize the early Stakers, and Bonding will have huge discounts initially to incentivize early Bonders. StarshipBridge is a Cross-Chain Bridge that can be used to transfer or wrap tokens from one chain to another. StarshipSwap is a Single-Chain & Cross-Chain Swap which can be used to Swap between different tokens in the same chain or to & from different chains. We’ll make use of Bridging Protocols to equalize the price of tokens between different chains. The users who bought $aSTARSHIP at Phase 1 or Phase 2 can claim their tokens for $STARSHIP at this phase.

Updated Whitelist Spot Details

The Starship DAO team will have a limited whitelist allocation totaling 1000 spots. Each whitelisted user will earn the “Cosmonaut” designation in their Discord profile. Below is how the 1000 Cosmonaut whitelist roles will be allocated:

  • All members must have (🚀,🚀) into their Discord server profile name to be eligible for a Cosmonaut spot.
  • 150 Cosmonauts for our OG members: the first 150 entrants into the Starship DAO Discord. ✅
  • 250 Cosmonauts for members who boost the Discord and stay active. Note: these spots will be raffled off between all boosters. The raffle will take place 1–2 days before Presale Launch.
  • 75 Cosmonauts for members with the most real invites in our Discord. The Cosmonaut Role will be distributed 1–2 days before Presale Launch.
  • 75 Cosmonauts for contributors, who help us build a solid community. They could be mods for our regional language communities, advisors, members who translate articles, members who make memes, devs who contribute to our code, graphic artists, etc.
  • 100 Cosmonauts for the most active & helpful Discord members. The Cosmonaut Role will be distributed as surprise giveaways for these members.
  • 125 Cosmonauts for various Discord activities & giveaways.
  • 100 Cosmonauts for various Twitter activities & giveaways.
  • 125 Cosmonauts for various Promotional Partnerships.

If the maximum allocation amount of whitelists in one category is not reached, the Starship DAO team reserves the right to allocate the unused amount of whitelist spots to another category. (e.g.: If 10 Cosmonaut spots are unclaimed in the contributor’s category, the Starship DAO team could distribute these spots in the Discord giveaway category instead).

While these allocations may change, the maximum amount of whitelisted members will still be 1000. The Starship DAO team will not allow more whitelisted members.

Updated Tokenomics

Starship DAO presale will mint $STARSHIP as and when they’re being purchased in the presale (at $10 per $STARSHIP).

Initial treasury

Starship DAO’s initial treasury will hold $600,000 $MIM, $USDC, $DAI and $BUSD tokens. This portion of the treasury will be used to create a stable foundation. It will also include $750,000 worth of $STARSHIP/USDC, $STARSHIP/DAI, $STARSHIP/MIM and $STARSHIP/BUSD LP tokens. The founding team, additional investors, and partnership revenues add up to $900,000 for the treasury and liquidity. This brings the total value of Starship DAO’s initial treasury holdings to $2,400,000.

Every $aSTARSHIP token minted during the presale will be backed by $16 of value at public launch. (As a reminder, the whitelisted presale price is 10$ per $STARSHIP).


The Minting Contract will mint the tokens as and when a purchase is made using the contract.


We’ll implement the burn functionality for $aSTARSHIP and $STARSHIP tokens.

Tokens owned by the team

We chose not to allocate any $STARSHIP tokens to the team.