Announcing Starship DAO : The First-Ever Multi-Chain Reserve Currency, making your wealth grow with Freedom

We are stoked to welcome you to Starship DAO!

Starship DAO: What is it?

Starship DAO is the First-Ever Multi-Chain Decentralized Reserve Currency. Forked from Olympus DAO (operating on Ethereum network). Starship DAO will use the same bond and stake mechanism as Olympus DAO, but we will also have an added functionality to operate with multiple chains.

The goal of this mechanism is to become the owner of the protocol’s liquidity, to ensure sustainable growth.

Starship DAO’s token will be named $STARSHIP.

Why did we choose to Create Multi-Chain?

Starship DAO chose to adopt multi-chain functionality due to multiple factors :

  • Freedom: Users get the freedom to choose whichever chain they want to use.
  • Affordability: Different chains offer affordable fees, so the user can choose the chain with the lowest fees at any given time.
  • Accessibility: It is possible to bridge funds to different chains using different bridges, or even with our future project (StarshipBridge).
  • Availability: Currently, there are no other multi-chain reserve currencies. We aim to be the first-ever project to offer this advantage.
  • Scalability: Having multiple chains’ access offers the highest level of scalability with different chains offering up to 50,000 Transactions per second.

All these key features are consistent with our goal of offering easy & quick access to Starship DAO, at a low cost.

What’s in the Future for Starship DAO?

Starship DAO will provide great discounts and rewards to the Presale Whitelist members. The details of the IDO & Presale will be mentioned in our next article, so stay tuned!

Starship DAO will provide huge APY at launch to reward our community. APY will then be managed by the protocol to sustainable levels, to ensure a robust development. With this mechanism, stakers will be provided with constant capital growth.

The bond mechanism will also be available at public launch, our community will be offered a huge discount on minting new $STARSHIP tokens. Bonding is necessary to create a stable and growing treasury.

Before the public launch, every single addition/removal in the protocol will be chosen from the polls done on our Twitter & Discord.

The community will get full protocol governance by staking $STARSHIP. The community will have voting rights with the staking receipt, $sSTARSHIP. $sSTARSHIPholders will be able to vote on the allocation of treasury funds.

While the treasury grows, $STARSHIP’s intrinsic value will increase, giving the token a value that it cannot fall below.

Starship DAO team believes that power and freedom belong to the community.


Starship DAO team chose to have a limited-access presale for multiple reasons :

  • Boosting liquidity at launch
  • Growing a stable and solid treasury
  • Rewarding our early members sufficiently

Presale access will be based on a whitelist. Our community will be able to get whitelisted in different ways.

We will communicate further about the presale mechanism and tokenomics in our next article.


Starship DAO knows that investors are concerned about security. We are also alarmed about the large number of scam projects that have been launched recently, which led to a loss of capital for many investors.

That’s why Starship DAO’s presale contract will be made public before the presale. Liquidity will be locked. Also, the treasury funds will be under a multi-sig contract.

To prevent bot sniping, the contract address of $STARSHIP will not be made available until the launch. However, we will not use “bot trap” contracts.

When will we launch?

At the moment, we are working hard to build out Starship DAO and grow our community.

We will provide more information on our Discord (coming soon), Twitter, and Medium about the development of the project, and the presale/launch dates.

But don’t worry, we will reward early contributors to the project. Come join us at the StarshipDAO soon!





Stay Cosmic…




The First-Ever Multi-Chain DAO

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The First-Ever Multi-Chain DAO

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